Weather or Not

Its been awhile, dear friends, since my last post.  As always — hectic! And me always wishing I had more time to pause and reflect more.  But until then, I suppose I’ll have to be content with what I can do — one partly from not having much to say once I come home and the other partly from laziness.  More laziness then anything.  Boo.

So recently, I’ve been hoping and dreaming about warmer weather.  We seemed to have had a glimmer at what is to come in the near month or so — this past weekend with 60-70 degree weather.  But that was quickly relinquished from us on Friday with 40 degree rainy weather.  I suppose that’s more to be expected and the norm for March/April weather.  Still, I dream.  But it seems to have come to this bizarre non-transition period where boots and coats are seen coupled with those who choose to adorn themselves with flip flops and shorts.  I think I can finally store away those heavy winter coats and boots for next year though  

I recently went to NYC to visit two friends for a girl’s get together.  Unfortunately, mother nature didn’t seem to want to cooperate and we were met with rain and (what seemed like) tropical force winds — the ENTIRE weekend.  And in the midst of said horrible weather — we still managed to muster forward and enjoy NYC at its best.  Well we tried.

♥ Alice’s Tea Cup ♥
Apparently this quaint little place has had a surge of visitors since the new resurgence in popularity of the Alice in Wonderland movie. Cute place but oddly enough — not the best tea I’ve ever had.
♥ Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York ♥ 

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