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The job hunting and interview process is THE most uncomfortable, unnatural, unavoidable parts of being a grown-up.  You go to school to get that illustrious papered degree — and believe me, that’s all it is, just a paper — to look for that fabulous job, to make the mind-blowing money.  But in that process, you somehow manage to prostitute yourself out (that’s how I describe it) and (at the same time) manage to advertise yourself as some god of said specific career.  Its ludicrous!  I’ve gone through many job interviews in my life  to decipher when you know it went well and when you know you should keep on checking the job search boards.  
These days finding a job is like dating online.  You create this glorious resume (or profile), you post the resume (or profile), and you begin the arduous task of searching for the perfect/somewhat perfect job (or mate).  Its mind numbing and at times you quite nearly lose your mind through the process.  You search and meet various potential leads/positions (dates) and some you hit it off instantly at the interview (or date) while some not so instantly.  You begin to doubt yourself during the process — removing certain qualities which initially were important and critical in your job search (mate) but then eventually deciding to take what you can get.  Or as I like to call it — settling.  Dissatisfying indeed.  So once you’ve reached that “settling” state — it’s just a matter of time when you have to decide which mediocre position (mate) you should move forward or choose. 
In the end, once you’ve chosen your conventional position (partner) — you become complacent in your environment and while stable, it just becomes boring.  For the lucky few that actually find a position that suits them with all the challenges and daily possibilities of a dream job — hold onto that thing like your life depends upon it.  For the rest of us — the above is what we aspire or look forward to.  

All that educational work to have the quaint opportunity of adding it to your resume background just to have some unknown individual quickly breeze through and say, “hmmm ok they have a degree”.  Gee thanks!

Why don’t you just shoot me right now and get it over with…..

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