Team COCO!

Its no surprise that most people know my love for the hilarious Conan O’Brien.  So when news quickly spread through the Twitter-sphere that COCO was doing a 32 city tour — I knew I had to see him.  At the time, it was fairly unclear to what lay in store for the ousted NBC Tonight Show host.  Since then, he’s rebounded and established a new relationship with TBS and will be starting a new show in November.  Yippie!  This entire ordeal has brought out loyal Conan fans from his Late Night hay days and a resurgence for his offbeat humor has surprisingly developed a cult-like following.  

Last night in Boston was the second night on his 32 city tour playing at the Wang Theater.  The crowds were energized and mentally prepared for any and all bizarre acts to which O’Brien would unleash.

Once through the doors, crowds were greeted with the following sign:
This set the tone for the entire evening…

The next two hours went buy in a hilarious stomach numbing blur — opening with Reggie Watts, continuing with his sidekick Andy Richter + various videos , and finally ending with the Dropkick Murphys doing an impromptu concert.  He did not disappoint.  Here are some photos from that evening.
One last thing.  At the beginning of the show, Conan gave a musical shoutout to Brookline (my current town).  Wheee!  Here is a video of someone who taped the song last night.  Enjoy!


  1. mina
    10. Nov. 10

    Awesome! He sang that song in NYC too… I think the set was the same everywhere, just different special guests! I love him.

  2. emily
    10. Nov. 10

    I figured as much. Glad you guys made the continental leap to see him. P.S. You are living my dream of wandering travels, doing things without inhibition, and blogging. ♥


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