Off to a fresh start

Ever since I posted a blog about my intentions for a detoxifying diet — I’ve only followed maybe 20% of it.  Who am I kidding – 10% at best.  That being said, the bulk of my diet this week has started off with what I would call a decent attempt at getting back on track.  This was my breakfast this morning: Peet’s House Blend coffee with unsweetened almond milk, Trader Joe’s Berry and Yogurt cereal with unsweetened almond milk, and fresh strawberries.

And even though this diet wouldn’t technically be categorized under something detoxifying – I’ve decided baby steps.  This summer (which technically begins June 21) has already started off with a burst of delicious crop of fruits.  I’ve gorged on sweet strawberries, blueberries, champagne mangoes, persimmons, and of course my go-to fruit clementines.
On the topic of attaining a lavender plant, I actually have two small varieties of English lavender  I’ve also braved an attempt at watching over a new pink dahlia plant.  In the past, my track record has thus been rather awful in terms of a green thumb.  I’ve killed a money tree, bamboo plant, and a desert rose (of which only required little watering and care).  But I’m trying to make new strides this year.  Updates on the health and well-being of these plants will be posted.  Hopefully.
P.S.  Yes, that mug has sumo wrestlers on it.  ♥

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