A joyful update…

Here is a list of things that are rotting my brain currently:
My lease will end in a few months and I need to vacate.
I keep searching for apartments but everything sucks.
My job situation is stressing me out (I won’t divulge).
I’ve recently unleashed an addiction for IPhone app games (help me!).
As a result of IPhone games, my hand has formed a claw like position.
My fingers are hurting from the numbness.
My eyesight is strained from viewing the IPhone (damn you Steve Jobs!).
I have to double check my calendar every morning to clarify the date.
I’ve become MORE bitter (if that’s even possible), 
but in that bitterness have realized who I can count on.
I’ve neglected my plants in the past 3 days.
Painting is inspiring but also annoying me.
I loathe packing and having to move.
I wish I had my family close by.
I’ve started to gain weight (again).
I shop online to take the edge off.
I put things into my online shopping cart,
but leave before any financial damage has been done.
Oh, and my pink dahlia’s buds are unwilling to bloom.

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