IPhone 4 is the Grown Up Cabbage Patch doll

If you haven’t heard about the new IPhone 4 — then you truly have been living under a rock.  Most likely a rock sitting in the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico piled under mounds of oil (courtesy of BP’s oil spill). 
This week Apple’s latest toy was released to the public and thousands flocked to their local stores to collect their beloved new IPhone.  With its updated look and new features — the IPhone 4 is said to be THE phone to have.  If you don’t have it — you might as well call it quits and die right now (apparently).  I currently have the IPhone 3GS and still love it to no end.   And I will keep loving it until Apple releases their NEXT generation of IPhone.  IPhone 5?  
This latest craze for the IPhone 4 has made me revert to a distant memory of what I like to call the “Cabbage Patch Craze”.  Much like the IPhone craze now, back in the mid 80s a specific doll known as Cabbage Patch Kids was released and immediately a hit with children.  You as a child had to have it.  Let me repeat — HAD TO HAVE IT!.  And so, chaos ensued and due to a suspiciously low (albeit explained as unanticipated demand) supply of said dolls — lines formed throughout the nation.  Lines that rivaled much like present day IPhone 4.  But honestly my quaint memories of that time period seem worse — much much worse.  I remember my dad hitting every possible toy store within the local NYC/NJ radius.  Nobody had it and would laugh in your face if you even THOUGHT they had it. 
Here is a recollection of my account:
Word would spread that a store would receive shipment — hundreds would flock to reserve ONE doll (per child).  My dad went to reserve two dolls (yes, my brother wanted one too).  Three weeks would drift by and a phone call would be received about a shipment.  At the local toy store,  I peered out the car window as an unlabeled truck pulled up.  The truck door rolled up and a man stepped out saying, “if you’ve reserved a doll, please have your payment slips out.”  Parents were aggressive and pushy.  And my dad disappeared into the sea of parents and dolls being thrown like footballs to hands with slips.  Not the safest thing to do when dolls were limited in supply. 
If all of this sounds familiar? Well check this video out.

To me it seems hilarious that a phone would bring about such chaos as well and drive individuals to actually camp for days.  I mean — its just a phone!  But then again, the Cabbage Patch doll was just a doll.  An odd looking doll that smelt of vanilla and had “Xavier Roberts” stamped on its buttocks.  Why it had that — to this day I wake up in a cold sweat wondering.   Honestly, even just seeing the logo — brings a twinge of joy.  And its been years (at least I think) since I last embraced one of those things.  

The IPhone craze is for those Cabbage Patch crazed kids who grew up.
Ok, now you can laugh.

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