Songs I Love Too Much to Hate

I’ve always said music is an extremely powerful thing.  Able to evoke happy and sad emotions in a 4 minute interval.  We are able to rekindle moments in time and memories that for some reason or other are associated with a particular song.  Its funny how that works – don’t you think?  For one song – a particular person may conjure joyful memories from their childhood filled with pleasant days at a park laughing and being silly while another person can awaken tearful moments in time.  Its pretty amazing. 
Since I can remember I’ve always had this insatiable love affair with music and the power it holds.  I’ve always appreciated the instrumental component as well as the lyrical ballads artists seem to inspire.  Music has always been there for me much like a kind, soulful friend with a soothing quality.  One of my earliest memories with loving music was as vivid as my memory of yesterday afternoon.  I was sitting in the backseat of our old Buick Regal with my brother (who was strapped in a car seat – ha!) and a family friend of my parents.  Suddenly, this enchanting song came on, “Michelle…my belle.  These are words that go together well.  My Michelle”.  I turned to the family friend and said, “who sings this?”  She turned to me and said, “you don’t know who this is?  Its the Beatles!”  Now honestly, I’m pretty sure I listened to music way before that juncture but for some bizarre reason — that particular moment stuck in my head.  It was a fond memory of discovering an artist/band that would eventually be a component in my future love for music.  To this day, when I hear The Beatles’s “Michelle” — I think of that instance in time.  Driving in Manhattan along Riverside Drive (yes, I actually visually remember the drive).

That night was also the first night I discovered my parents vinyl collection.  Oh, I wish they would of kept all of them for me.  C’est la vie.  I think the only original vinyl that I actually have in my possession is (ironically) Michael Jackson’s Thriller album.  So in keeping with the theme of fond recollections and MJ’s anniversary, this song will always be quite dear to my heart.  Images of me and my brother dancing (some fancy moon-walking to be had) around in our Queens apartment to this song will always be a happy memory.

And finally, here is a song that I can’t seem to extract from my brain – its on mental repeat.  Good song (back in the day) but….really…really?!  For whatever its worth, I can’t say that I didn’t love this music back in the day.  Don’t knock the cheesiness of Air Supply – just don’t.  I have to say, though, I’m digging their excellent hairdos in this video.  You know they thought they were the shit in 1980.  Gotta love that.
I hope these songs somehow conjure some memories for you too!
Enjoy! ♥

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