Top O’ the Mornin’ To Ya!

Why is it socially awkward when someone calls early in the morning and hears your “morning voice”?  You know what I’m talking about — that slightly slurred, scratchy voice that sounds as if you were nursing a bad cold.  
Here is the general situation: you are partially groggy from the night before, partially wondering why someone would have the gall to call you at an ungodly early morning time, and partially aggravated at having to answer the phone.  Funny thing though — when asked, “are you sick?”  You answer “yes” instead of revealing the true reason for the frog in your throat — and that’s just laziness.  That’s right, you’d rather claim sickness then laziness.  You’d rather let your friends, family, and colleagues know that you have some sort of contagious virus rather than the one ailment everyone is susceptible to — being a bum.  
And why is that?  Why can’t we just own up to being a lazy society that would rather sleep in?  Why is it embarrassing?  Why can’t I just pick up the phone with confidence (and a slight twinge of hoarseness) and say, “why yes – yes, I’m hoarse.  I’m hoarse because I just woke up and I know its nearly noon”?  Why can’t I continue talking on the phone while I’m cooking, or eating, or using the bathroom?  Its not like you can see me?  Well at least not in the past — damn you IPhone 4 and Face Time! 

See what I mean?  Chris Pirillo tests IPhone 4 & FaceTime

I’m not going to lie.  I’ve had many a important conversations while (and close your eyes if bathroom talk bothers you) sitting on the toilet.  And usually my friends will say with slight hesitation, “is that water running?”  And my responses has always been, “what does it sound like to you?”  Their response, “sounds like you have the sink running water”.  My response, “why yes — yes, I suppose its the sink”.  Then silence.  They know the truth.  No need to verbalize the reality of it all — it can only cause suffering.

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