Oh say can you see?

So its been awhile.  I am still around — barely.  I’ve been busy making my plans for an upcoming move and trying to get all the necessary odds and ends in order.  Its tiring and exhausting to be a grown up.  I know I’ve said this before, and here comes another rant, but I sometimes wish I could have my own personal assistant to do my little bidding and run my 100 million errands.  Well that’s an exaggeration.  Ok, 90 million.  So I was curious to find out whether such a thing existed.  The idea that you could hire a personal assistant for the day, a week — hell even for a full month.  And look what I came up with.  The website is called TaskRabbit

Now I’m thoroughly annoyed that something I thought about years ago and never decided to implement — is actually a bona fide service online.  Oh well, glad someone had the good sense to think about such a service/website.  Even though its broken down to tasks and not the actual assistance of everyday life.  Sigh.
On a much more happier note.  How was your July 4th weekend?  I’ve spent the last three Independence days in Boston and I have to say — nobody seems to do it quite like Boston.  Its a feeling of history that just doesn’t seem to translate well in other places.  Don’t get me wrong — my recollection of NYC fireworks off the Hudson were the best childhood memories.  But there’s something to be said about doing a proper Bostonian 4th of July. 
This year I had two dear friends come visit me and the weekend was filled with a trip down to Cape Cod (West Barnstable to be exact).  We stayed in a 200 year old home, explored wonderful Hyannis, wandered around the town of Osterville and Sandwich.  Then returned to Boston to experience the quintessential American pastime — baseball (Red Sox and Baltimore Orioles).  The night ended with a wonderful fireworks display viewed on the Esplanade. Ah, quite enjoyable.  Indeed.

P.S.  If you are at the beach and suddenly have to go to the bathroom but there are no restrooms in site.  What do you do?  Answer — you pee in the ocean and run like hell before the pee comes right back with the tide.  Just all hypothetical of course.

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