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In the midst of the moving process comes the undeniable task of purging and cleaning.  I’ve set a goal for myself recently — and that is to tackle the now dreaded “stuff” closet.  You know very well what I’m talking about.  In every home, in every city, on every street corner — there lies an area in one’s home that is the designated place to store unneeded but otherwise always wanted “stuff”.  I have a closet that fits that description.  I’ve somehow, thankfully, maintained a bit of order amongst the mind numbing chaos that is always associated with such an area.  So the other day I decided it was time.  Time to purge.  Time to clean.  Time to release the ordered chaos. 
My apartment is now seeped in open boxes filled with old textbooks, fiction books, memorabilia, mementos, cherished pieces of apparel — the list can literally go on.  The purge has given me an idea.  Why not try to sell my used books online or locally?  Yea???!!!!  Anyone want a nearly 6 year backdated edition of MCAT reference books?  I’m pretty sure the questions haven’t changed much seeing that the science material within these books are still the same.  Argh!

So while perusing old textbooks, and fiction books I once read and loved.  I stumbled upon a book that didn’t seem to be all to familiar.  As I opened the book, the title read — Perverse Crimes in History.  I sat in the middle of my living room staring at the title — trying to remember who would give me such an odd book.  Then it suddenly occurred to me who it was and memories started pouring in.  I grew a bit angry for a split second and realized — that life is certainly funny.  How a book can trigger such powerful memories.  Needless to say I threw that book in the pile of “sellers/donations”.  On a side note — that book somehow fits the personality of the lender.  Fascinating read though — although, as the title indicates, perverse. 
The one thing I absolutely love about Boston is its vast and numerous bookstores (new, used, and rare).  I am never without an empty arm or hand when setting foot into ANY bookstore.  Which seems to be (as you can see) my downfall and the bain of my existence.  Oh hell, my vices in the world seem to be food, shopping, travel, and books — lots and lots of book.   I’m trying to curb my appetite.  Truly!

P.S.  If you seek to buy reference material for professional school tests (i.e. MCAT, LSAT, DAT, etc) — contact me.  I have a ton!  Also plenty other types of books — must let go, must let go.


  1. Daisy
    19. Jul. 10

    Good luck moving. Yea, I have one of those closets. it's a giant storage closet located in the common basement of my apt building. not gonna be pretty when i have to clean that out!!

  2. emily
    19. Jul. 10

    Thanks Daisy! Luckily, I have about 5 weeks before the actual move. So I'm literally pacing myself. I tend to pack, take breaks, pack some more, breaks, breaks, breaks. So in anticipation of that — I KNOW I need plenty of time. Its sad really.

  3. Café Bellini
    22. Jul. 10

    Hey, am I really your first follower? It looks like it. Yay! I've always wanted to do that! Thanks!

  4. emma wallace
    26. Jul. 10

    Oh, we are such book addicts at my house too! It's a purchase we always consider above reproach! Until we move, that is…


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