On packaged edge…

Recently, I’ve tried to minimize my stress level by trying to avoid certain things: news, phone calls, and emails. But doing such things only seems to heighten what the act intends to diminish.  Thereby creating more stress and more anxiety in a life that clearly is overloaded.  
I’ll be moving soon.  And that painful process has started to creep into my subconscious, my psyche, my every core and being.  I hate it!  And its pretty evident via my latest blog entries and twitter posts.  My apartment has become an explosion of boxes and mini piles of clothing, books and “stuff” peppered throughout.  Quite honestly, its driving me bonkers.  Even looking over my laptop I see a sea of chaos.  This stress is compounded by other miscellaneous issues and problems that I am barraged with on a daily basis.
One so is the air conditioner unit that I recently purchased at a lovely place called Costco.  Costco is the mecca for all things in bulk.  For those few that haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying a trip to Costco — simply put, it a place put on this Earth for wholesale shopping for retailers at a fraction of the cost.  You can buy toilet paper, detergent, furniture, food in bulk.  You name it — its usually there.  And it doesn’t hurt that their kosher hot dogs are deliciously cheap (drink + encased pork product on a bun = $1.25).
Back to my story, so I purchased this unit via their website.  The package was meant to be delivered by UPS.  I say meant lightly as the day of delivery, I found the following:
What is that?!
Shame on you, UPS!  Shame on you for having the reputation of being a “reliable” delivery service.  You aren’t just ANY company.  Your entire service is to ship and delivery packages (small or large) safely with minimal damage.  Does this look minimal to you?  Needless to say, this package has become the burden and stress of my every being.  Trying to coordinate the pick-up of this little fun package has been a nightmare. I am at a loss for words as to why someone would deem that suitable for delivery.  Its as if someone literally wrestled it to the ground and body slammed it for shits and giggles. 
On a much fun side note, here is my day in review:
“Try” to pack producing MORE chaos — check!
No proper food consumed aside from carrot juice + water — check!
No shower or teeth brushed (excellent for the maintenance man who had to enter my apt today) — check!
All plans for errand runs were never accomplished — check!
Neglect of all things news related to minimize any added stress — check!
 As a result, HGTV and Comic-Con 2010 coverage has been my current obsession — check!
Help me!


  1. Café Bellini
    28. Jul. 10

    We're moving soon, too, but haven't started packing or throwing junk away yet. Oh no it's going to be so stressful…!

  2. emily
    28. Jul. 10

    The formula is this: Date of move – ~3 months earlier = Time to purge & begin packing. Otherwise anticipate mini mental breakdowns. O_o


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