Chock full of cherries!

I have an addiction and they are called: cherries.  I’ve had bags (yes bags) of Bing cherries already since the season started and I mix it up with beautiful Rainier cherries.  Crunchy to bite in and sweet and juicy to taste.  Yum!  It seems of late — I’ve explored a ton of my addictions.  Books, cherries, HGTV.  I’m also a little obsessed with reading design, fashion, and food blogs.  I’ve watched so much HGTV that there is rarely a time when I pop on the channel and see something NEW.  Assistance and intervention might be needed fairly soon.  Thankfully, the act of packing and daily activities have prevented me from literally just sitting in front of my TV cradling a bowl of cherries.
This morning I woke up to a beautiful sunny day and opened the windows.  I love that in the midst of summer, Boston remains mild and not bloody hot like my friends down south.  Sorry!  I definitely appreciate opening windows to dry yet breezy temps.  
Oh, here is a crazy scientific fact.  Cherries contain a good source of melatonin — the chemical that controls your body’s internal clock — helping you sleep better.  Also, it is a good source of fiber — allowing for better evacuation of your bowels.  Sorry, it was inevitable to mention. 

A start to a beautiful morning begins with this:
Ready to consume:

Ready for work — computer, boxes, and cherries:

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