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I keep forgetting how much I enjoy the artistic and creative nature of Boston — in addition, its various culinary finds.  Awhile back I stumbled upon Marliave tucked behind the active streets of the downtown area.  Aside from walking through the strange alleyway — I would never have thought twice of a restaurant with vintage appeal to be tucked in such an area.  Marliave is a 1875 themed restaurant with French influenced cuisine.  Downstairs offers a charming bar area but the best part of the restaurant is the upstairs with views of surrounding Boston high rises.  For you cheese lovers out there, Marliave offers an actual cheese bar.  That’s right — cheese bar served with various artisan meats along side various flavors of fig jams, lavender honey, and olive oils.  Pairing all of this with a lovely glass of wine — makes everything in the world right.

MarliaveMarliave SignOutdoor SeatingDrink Menu


All in all, the service was impeccable and friendly.  The drinks — excellent.  However, I found the food to be mediocre and the menu pretty standard.  Nothing really caught my eye even though I chose the rabbit.   Or perhaps I chose wrong?  I’d definitely return for the drinks and cheese.  Possibly choose another dish…

So its been awhile since I journeyed into the complicated works of Shakespeare.  Growing up, Shakespeare was definitely not my go-to reading favorites.  I enjoyed all if not most of his plays and poems but I found it best experienced live.  The last time I saw a live Shakespearean play was a performance of Othello at the Atlanta Shakespeare Tavern.  I was first introduced to this wonderful place my senior year in high school and it somehow trickled into various outings while in college.  I saw some pretty magnificent performances there — my favorite being the Taming of the Shrew.  Figures right?

So you can imagine how ecstatic I was wandering around Boston after Marliave – to stumble upon this:

A modern interpretation of Othello.  Even though I wasn’t able to see it from start to finish — it is definitely something I’d love to see in its entirety.  Shakespeare on the Common is an event coordinated every summer and I’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing it.  Its inspiration, obviously, is from NYC’s  famous Shakespeare in the Park


My lavender and dahlia plants died awhile back.  I fear the next plant I purchase will actually shrivel up  instantly with mere sight of me in its visual range. 

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  1. Hi Emily, it was great meeting you last night – I had fun! I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog 🙂


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