Apologies and matchmaking

I have been remiss.  I apologize.  Truly, utterly, sincerely, and with heartfelt apologies.  Its been a chaotic past two months dear readers — hell reader (singular) — who am I kidding.  I’ve sorted, packed, moved, unpacked, sorted, organized and now I’m exhausted.  Expect a few more posts to come with pictures and a more detailed account of my absence.  Hopefully.

So these past two months, I’ve tried to adjust to my new environment (apt) as well as plan a fabulous Bachelorette weekend for one of my dearest and oldest friends in NYC.  Who says weddings are expensive for the ones getting the hitching done — its damn near expensive for those having to attend and be present.  Sorry Kimmie & Wes!  But as most people know as an invited guest we bite the bullet, strap on the expenses so that we can be a part of something so special and magical.  To watch the exchanging of promises for the love of two people.
In brief, the culmination of these two individuals, my dear friends, has been one that was an arduous journey and I was the privileged person who brought them together.  Let me explain.  Seven and a half years ago — I found myself in sunny south Florida on a course for a life of cases, briefs, torts, and legalese.  Yes, I found myself in law school.  I’m sure if you dig real deep in the depths of my archived posts (FYI — apologies for anything you read during that time period) you might find some bits and pieces.  Ah yes, law school.  So while there, I befriended a slew of characters — some I still remain friends with and some friendships have slowly departed.  And in that time, I met Wes and immediately struck up a bonded friendship over our undergraduate Alma mater — Emory University.  After the first semester, our friendship remained and he randomly posed the question, “do you know anyone to set me up with?”  He began to rattle on about a list of traits to which he wished his date would have — as if he were ordering a meal off a menu, “I’d like her to like this…but I don’t like that….” etc etc.    I thought about his comical list briefly and realized what he seemed to want was what most deliriously young men aspire to have — some form of supermodel/brainiac/athlete hybrid that only exists in fairy tales.  I looked into my mental Rolodex of friends and thought of a few people.  But I decided to match him with one person — one of my dearest and closest friends from childhood — Kimmie.  It was certainly an odd pairing and quite honestly one I wasn’t too sure about.  But I left it to fate and a little bit of a nudge on my part. 
Seven and a half years later, my best friend Kimmie and my dear friend Wes are to be married end of September.  And during that seven plus year journey, the future attorney in me fighting for social justices never came to fruition but the relationship that I was destined to initiate did.  In the end, I always like to say that I went to law school not to be an attorney but to meet my best friend’s husband. 
I suppose I should also mention a little bit about how I met Kimmie.  The year was 1989 and two 12 yr olds met with disdain.  I will only put it into the following words — Thai Temple, Archie comic, rickety swing.  I know you folks are scratching your heads as to the combination of those words but to Kimmie and I — it explains mountains and is meant with perfect sweet memories.  I suppose that’s the type of friendship we have and have always had — one met with inside jokes, experiences, and phrases.  One that I’m happy as well as thankful to have and keep close to my heart. 

W & K

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