CSN stores indeed!

Its no surprise that I’m a bit of a shopping fiend.  I am THAT typical girl who wants something and through the advances of modern day technology seeks online for the best deals.  Last year I was on a hunt for a baker’s rack and stumbled upon a website — CSNstores.  This website is amazing and has over 200 online stores where you can literally find everything from contemporary coffee tables to cookware to yoga accessories.  Best part?  They are based in Boston!  Small world indeed. 
So recently, my search has been to find a better way of transporting my yoga mat + gear to class — something convenient yet sturdy to contain all the necessary items.  And by all accounts, its been a bit of a chore to search since I’ve wanted to be more frugal these days — until I found it on the CSNstores website. 

 Isn’t it lovely?  Only $20 including shipping!   

And in these tough economic times a good deal is certainly worth its weight in literal gold.  I’m not ashamed to say that I will search high and low to find the cheapest prices from a wide range of varying websites. Who doesn’t?  Review to come.


  1. Aya
    17. Oct. 10

    Good price for sure! (especially the fact that the shipping is included) I am also a yoga lover and I have a lululemon one. Their products a bit over priced in my opinion though 🙁

  2. emily
    17. Oct. 10

    I ♥ lululemon. Good quality but I do agree a little over priced. 🙂


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