Two, three, four sense…

It truly amazes me how this year has literally flown by.  Its both sad and relieving to realize that this year will be gone before you know it.  I know I’m a bit early to post my yearly reflection — but true to form — I’m always reflecting.  I reflect on things I’ve accomplished and things that need to be done.  I cringe at some of my aggressive actions and various passive receptions to things.  They say you should never judge yourself by the level of failure or success but how you act upon certain incidents in your life.  
Every day I take a deep breath and hope that particular day will be a new day filled with productivity and growth.  Some days I’m wildly successful in those two tasks and some days I fail miserably. Fall always brings this sort of contemplative blog in me.  The change in temperature and foliage is a natural indication that the year has come and gone — bringing (just around the corner) the holidays.  With the holidays — come a reminder — a familiar tap on the shoulder to make good on your Jan 1st resolutions and to resolve all issues from the past year.  As I’ve gotten older my intuitive instinct has gotten a bit rusty, my body not as youthful, and my mind just a bit more jaded.  I try not to think about the past but somehow the past keeps reaching out to me.  A constant reminder of my youthful mistakes and also of happy times lost.  
My dear friends, Kimmie and Wes, were married in Sarasota.  The culmination of their marriage brought together friends (from near and far) and family.  I saw a friend that I hadn’t seen in 10 years.  And in that time of absence — she somehow managed to get her medical degree, get married and have two beautiful children.  As my friends slowly wean away from their single life and become wives and mothers, husbands and fathers — it truly amazes me how time is fleeting.  You see the slightest indication of age in the corner of their eyes and you know that we are no longer those little kids riding our bikes in the neighborhood but full fledged adults (the horror!).

Two cents of the day:
Hold fast to those dear around you and let go of those reservations you may have possessed. 

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