This is what I’ve succumbed to…

Recently, the physiological nature of my home, my person, and my overall mental capacity has been — to put it mildly compromised.  
I believe this picture explains it all:

Now granted this might not be the EXACT photo representation of my current state of affairs.  But it certainly sets a close example.  As I write this, I have (yet again) a moundful (nay heapful) of reading, writing, and analysis to be completed.  All in the wonderfully fruitful and exhaustive timeframe of a day.  So instead of delving into the mindful world of science and the challenges of NEVER answering the age old hypothesis of whatever — I blog (i.e. procrastinate).  And so the picture you see before you is not only a cartoonish representation of my current state but a close sample to what has become and what inevitably will be.  Being mindful that I do lack some things from this pictorial sample.  Like that blue plate and  actually having ears.  Plus I lack that strange yellow triangle thing up the top of my head.  I mean don’t be ridiculously absurd.  Overall, it is still fairly accurate. 
As a quick update — which I’m known for such — I saw the recently released movie, The Social Network.  As most 99.9% of the population succumbed to the procrastinating effects of this devilish internet platform — I needed to understand the history behind it.  Why was this done?  WHY?!  And when this was in its creation — someone should have stopped Mark Zuckerberg and said, “but we implore you — this will only drive more decreased productivity and evil will only ensue”.  At least that’s how I would of said it.  Really.  Overall, the creation of Facebook was an inevitable progression in the human need for information — albeit it useless and painstakingly time consuming.  See my previous post.  I do admit to coming home and having a slightly elevated appreciation for the coding platform itself.  The CS nerd in me that never came to be was highly captivated as well as sufficiently intrigued in knowing more.  So I googled and googled and Facebooked. (yes, that night).  Until I came to the horrifying realization.  
And it was simply this:  that the option to Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook to “Add as Friends” was painfully disabled.  I was left with nothing but misery. 

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