“A” 4 riting

I know this post is somewhat random — but when are they NOT random?

Recently, in an academic grant writing class, students were given an exercise to review and edit our neighboring peers.  We each were given an assignment to write a scientific proposal for a future study and told to switch amongst our peers to accurately gauge each student’s work.  I succumbed to that terrible fear of being discovered a hackjob and terrible writer, so I put as much effort as I could muster into this assignment — about a day’s worth.  Trust me — that’s a generous portion.  As we swapped our writing samples, I prayed  that the individual who received my work refrain from manically breaking down in hysterically laughter.  
Then I focused on two samples given to me.  And I read.  And read.  Then re-read.  And I quickly realized the following:  people have no concept of the English language — its form, appropriate grammar, and even rudimentary spelling.  That being said — I did a mental manically hysterical laugh in my somewhat psychotic brain and breathed a sigh of relief.  Phew, I guess I wasn’t that much of a dumbarse writer after all!  Of course, my blog posts clearly represent otherwise.
Then I thought the death of eloquent and succinct writing had met its maker after the inception of instant messaging and ultimately text messaging.  How we write for efficiency and speed not content or quality.  Honestly, I’m probably the initial individuals to blame who certainly perpetuated this form of communication as it allowed for quick in-your-face gratification.  My earliest recollection of an instant message was as a freshman in college — or as I like to call it — the dark age of technology/internet when one was chained to a computer instead of actually going mobile. 
Then I remembered seeing the following on Jimmy Kimmel and it basically tells the story of where our future generation may be headed.  And its a dark one folks….
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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