Playing Catch-Up

Whenever I come home for the holidays — I somehow retreat into this cave of catch-up.  I read leisurely as if I’ve been censored all my life, I catch-up with current/new music, and I eat.  These seem to be how I conduct myself while enjoying the quite mountains and ease of suburbia.  I basically run away from the mayhem of city life — from Boston.  It calms my very erratic mind and I recharge for whatever may come in the coming year. 

What I see:
A view looking out to our backyard.
Yes, those are deer! (FYI: My camera lens was smudged)
View one evening.
Musical Obsessions:
Artist – Album
Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros – Up From Below
Seabear – The Ghost that Carried Us Away
Penguin Cafe Orchestra – Signs of Life
Two Door Cinema Club – Tourist History
 Carla Morrison – Aprendiendo A Aprender
Literary Musings:
Author – Title
Bill Bryson – A Short History of Nearly Everything
Anthony Bourdain  – Medium Raw
Sloane Crosley – How Did You Get This Number
Haruki Murakami – The Elephant Vanishes
And so I’ll end with a lovely song.

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