Today its your birthday….

So I’m back in good ol’ Beantown and the city welcomed me with open arms ala snowy weather.  I don’t necessarily know what it is about cold snowy weather but I feel this oppressive need to have a cup of coffee, watch mindless TV/movies, and take periodic naps throughout the day.  Unfortunately, we can’t all conduct ourselves in such a manner and I’ve chosen to ATTEMPT to be productive.  Please be mindful that I’ve yet to step away from the computer and actually DO anything.

And while attempting to resume back to normal life here in Boston — I’ve made several pilgrimages to Trader Joe’s desiring the basics:  milk, juice, eggs.  Easy right?  Well not so much when folks freak out with severe pandemonium that another snowstorm will cripple the city.  Its as if I’m reliving south Florida hurricane paranoia all over again — the insanely long lines at the supermarkets and gas stations.  Minimal to no amount of basic items and  bare shelves with only crappy foods left to purchase.  Snow (to me) doesn’t seem too malicious compared to brute force wind and rain ranging from 30-100+ mph.  Yea, long periods of fluffy white stuff — not so much.

And now that we’ve settled into winter 2011 and slowly approaching the end of the first month — have you been good on your resolutions and promises?  Like I said in my previous post — I’ve decided to simply be mindful of completing do-able tasks and appreciating every positive experience along the way.

Here is a glimpse of my morning.
Yes, its my birthday today!
Picture Details:
Owl coffee cup from Whittard of Chelsea
Electronics: Laptop (not really pictured) and Nookcolor
15% off gift card from Anthropologie
Complimentary shampoo/shower gel/bubble bath from Sephora
Various nail polishes
This birthday I have much to be thankful and grateful.  I’m grateful and appreciative of having such wonderful parents and brother — to whom I love dearly and owe so much for their support.  And my wonderful and thoughtful friends who’ve been through a tumultuous 2010 with me but have stood by and encouraged me all the way!  And finally, this birthday brought forth news with the start of a new job and hopefully a new beginning for a prosperous 2011!  I’m overjoyed beyond words and the angry little chemist in me is (temporarily) silenced with gratitude.  May all of you have a wonderful 2011!
Bday Baby

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