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Eating with your co-workers is one of THE most awkward endeavors you’ll ever encounter.  This is only second to having dinner on a first date with someone you find completely dreadful – which falls under the first.  Third would probably be masticating food with family members who try to play the 20 question game of “let me get in your business” time.

Why am I blogging about this you ask?  Just random observations.  I started a new job recently and with this new adventure brings uncomfortable situations of meeting slightly awkward people.  You fidget and stare intently down at your plate.  You try to think of interesting questions and conversation so as not to allow the dull silence to ring so strongly in your ear.  Its mind numbing but it happens.  Its a part of being social and for the most part — life experience.  Even the event of starting a new job/position within a new company or environment — is liken to the first day of school but for adults.  Its not anymore comfortable or less childish.  You still see the same slightly nerdy folks eating in the cafeteria looking severely uncomfortable as they quickly try to make the bold choice of whom they should sit next to.  Make the wrong decision and bam — you’re f–ked.

The first few weeks go by as you painfully and “slightly” genuinely try to “fit in”. What’s the point though — in the end your real true nature will somehow subconsciously make its uncomfortable appearance and the work world as you know it — will either embrace you with open arms or shun you like a leper.  Its quite comical really.  During the few hours of interview time — you shine.  You sell yourself as if you are some kind of pristine show dog…..look what I can do for you *teeth gleaming*.   They are ultimately in awe and hire you.  But that’s pretty much where it ends and the inevitable downward spiral of your true self eventually makes its unsightly appearance.
And lastly but certainly not least — a person came by my desk to make idle chit chat at the end of the work day.  She rattled on about her experiments from the week and her plans for the upcoming weekend.  She asked me the following, “So Emily what are your plans for the weekend? Anything particularly interesting?”  I responded with the usual blase comments about laundry, cleaning, and hanging out.  She seemed to enjoy the idle chit chat and then finished with the “ok, well I’m leaving early to avoid traffic — see you Monday!”  I have no f–king clue who she is nor do I EVER recall meeting her.  None.  Nada.  Love it.


Day one – week one welcome message
Day one – week two amended welcome message. 

I’m not going to lie — I’m a bit curious to see if there will be something new to this message — day one week three.  If not, I suppose I’m the one that ought to be cleaning the white board right?  What if I decide to leave that crap on for a year?  

Oh, work life — how much I love writing about thee and the hilariously insane observations I note per hour/day/week/month/year. 

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