A Yankee in Nashville’s Court

It’s an ungodly hour and for some idiotic reason, I’ve convinced myself to post a blog.  The Olympic closing ceremony in London is playing on repeat in the background and I’m listening to the Pet Shop Boys perform West End Girls.  Ah, that brings me back to when I nearly saw them while in south Florida.  As I recall — my reasoning for NOT seeing them was something involving massive amounts of coffee and a group study session for a criminal law midterm.  ARGH.  In retrospect, I probably should have seen the Pet Shop Boys.  No regrets right?  Well, a lot has changed since those long lost days of south Florida albeit the coffee habit seems to have accelerated into what some might consider an unhealthy level.  But what IS an unhealthy level when it comes to coffee – right?

Anyways, it has been a long time friends.  Herrroo.  I feel with every sparse blog post — I seem to preface with an apology.  Maybe I should rename my blog to “the apologetic chemist”?  Or perhaps I should resume blogging on a regular basis.  Yes, that’s the ticket!

In my last post — I ranted on about the perfunctory daily life of working.  I gave you my observations, conclusions, and a small look into the twisted world of how I view life as an employed scientist.  Don’t get me wrong — I love my job.  I’m challenged every day and humbled by what I discover.  It affords me a comfortable living which allows me to travel, go to shows, enjoy life, and post blogs such as these.  Update:  the message on the white board stayed up for over a month until its untimely demise – aka I erased it.  That’s right — I erased my own welcome message.

Anyhoo, as I write this blog and continue to listen to the closing ceremony coverage — John Lennon’s Imagine playing in the background — I am reminded of how much I LOVE music.  How a song that was “imagined” years ago can transcend through the years and conjure so much emotion and meaning – is quite amazing really.

With that – I had the opportunity to travel to Nashville, TN before beginning my adventures with my new position and company.  Now there’s a place that really knows how to do music right.  Music seemed to ooze from every corner, crevice, and pore of this city.

Gaylord Opryland Hotel
Gaylord Opryland HotelGlass ceiling
The Parthenon at Centennial Park

Gates of the ParthenonParthenon at Centennial Park

Jack Daniels Distillery
Yes, I’m well aware that this technically ISN’T Nashville.  Hush.
Jack Daniels DistilleryHome to Jack Daniels
And since my blog posts are meticulously random and the closing ceremony coverage seems to have continued with a Fatboy Slim performance — I will leave you with a pic from a impromptu concert that I went to awhile back with said artist.  See….random.
Fatboy Slim

P.S. More posts to come.
Don’t give me that look!

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