Nostalgia and the New Year

Well New Year’s Eve has come and gone and it got me thinking – what makes NYE so glamourous that we inherently try to find and be with the ones we love for that particular moment in time?  Think about it.  There is no other time in history that seems to be so special minus any form of religious connections or affiliations.  We try to create this idyllic moment where the ones we care about — surround us.  Embrace us.  Can’t wait to be with us.

I was trying to wrap my brain around the concept of time slowly ticking away little that is left of a year gone by — its romantic nostalgic properties which seem to be more exaggerated at the finale of the year.  We all watch with bated breath as this bright and illuminated ball slowly makes its way to the botton during the count down.  And during those last few seconds of its descent — we (or at least I do) remember whether we opened ourselves to adventurous chances or closed ourselves off for fear of disappointment.  We remember promises made, broken, and fulfilled.  We remember accomplishments and setbacks.  But most of all — during that tiny moment in time — we reflect on the possibilities of the new year to love, to give, to accomplish, and most importantly to forgive.  Because that’s what that moment in time should really be about.

Unexpected Expectations
Every year I try not to set any expectations because I find those can be met with disappointments to some degree.  One of my mini goals toward the finality of every year is this: to look into the new year with fresh eyes – filled with hope and happiness.  I know to most people that just seems so simple and trivial.  But I find that by minimizing one’s grandeur expectations — we are often surprised with what occurs in the process.  And its this process that makes life so special.  The unexpected outcome.

I was combing through old blog posts (I know I’ve been lagging behind in the ol’ updates lately) — more specifically posts for the new year and holiday time.  I tend to blog more often during times of nostalgia.  I relive old memories.  Go figure.  I think back and peruse old photos.  It both warms my heart and reminds me that time is fleeting and one should never take it for granted.  Hold fast to those irreplaceable friends and family members is definitely a winning theme.  Cherish the time with everything you do and do everything with the best of your abilities and excellence.

This year.
This year was certainly different and unexpected — which I suppose is the very definition to which I was talking about.  To abstain from setting grandiose expectations and to just live with gumption.

This year I began with one job and ended with another job.  Very unexpected but relieved for the outcome nonetheless – even though some days were trying.
I met new friends and have enjoyed every fascinating moment whilst learning about them.

To say I traveled would be a tad understated.  I saw the beautiful country of Turkey and traveled to Italy (Italy post still coming — sorry) with my endearing Turkish host Selen.

I traveled down south to Nashville — to rehash whatever southern roots I might have developed while in college at Emory — courtesy of my southern host JC Deen.

I traveled to San Francisco and enjoyed all the foodie nuggets the city had to offer while catching up with family. Blog post coming – I promise!

I began the year slowly getting into fitness and weight training — courtesy of my trainer and friend Andrew.

I cooked enthusiastically and frequently.  I took a baking class and learned techniques that are now engrained in me.

I bought and have been in love with my new Macbook Pro.  And now consider myself a Apple toting-Kool aid drinking convert.

I saw multiple shows: Artic Monkeys, The Black Keys, Radiohead, Grouplove, Two Door Cinema Club, Cake, Fatboy Slim, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beirut, AWOLNATION, and Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

Most importantly.
Overall traveling abroad this year — made me (once again) appreciate cultures that I have yet to discover and crave for experiences outside of the United States.  Almost hunger for it.  Likewise, while traveling one certainly learns a great deal about oneself.  You realize how much you can tolerate as a person.  How fascinating human beings are living, breathing, and interacting with one another.

And so my only resolution (if you can call it that) is simply this:  to love more, to live more, to laugh more, to give more, as well as accomplish more, and most importantly – to forgive more.  The end.


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