I done gone and did it….

This year will be a year of change.  A year to get organized.  A year to read more.  And a year to maintain if not up my exercise regimin.  I would be remis if I did not admit to being a bit lax in those above statements since the 1st of the year.  BUT I promise to try to do better.  I am a creature of habit and laziness.  This I will admit.  And with that breeds so many regrets and wishful promises to myself.  Therefore, in order to become a highly functionally organized individual — I have purchased…….wait for it……..an iPad.

Yes folks — my Apple collection just might be complete.  I harped and hounded whether this was a need I should invest in.  Since it is — let’s be honest, a luxury item and probably not REALLY necessary.  I mean who REALLY NEEDS an iPad – right?  No one seriously needs a tablet when they have a laptop and a fully functioning smartphone.  Therefore, I came prepared with a list of reasons this purchase will eventually make good on my return as an asset via productivity and portability usage.

1.  Emails and blogging I can do more frequently and consistently (hmmm also can do this on said laptop and iphone).
2.  Reading more frequently such as ebooks, newspapers, blogs, publications, etc (ok, I can do that on the others as well).  See my current selection below.  Granted half of these books I have in its physical form — but due to time constraints (i.e. laziness) or my ever present A.D.D (i.e. excuse for laziness) — I may have read each and everyone of these here and there only.

3.  Satisfy my increasing YouTube fascination for vlogs and the like.  Perhaps potentially venturing into my own one day — that is if I can motivate myself in recording something worth editing.
4.  Minimize the destruction of trees via downsizing on printing of class syllabus, powerpoint slides copies, notes and taking notes in general on an old fashioned piece of paper.
5.  Hinderance of carrying a clunky laptop will no longer be an issue when traveling is concerned.

I do have to be frank though — having this larger iPhone (because that’s essentially what it is ya know) — breeds this incessant addiction for downloading Apps.  Or what I like to call “mini time sucks”.  They draw you in — you play and tap on things — minutes, hours, days…….I mean a day (just one, just one) go by.  And then you find yourself realizing you have work the next day when you quite literally sat yourself down on a Friday night to “check your email”.  Argh!

So my new mantra is this:
If I get my shit done — I can play with you, you stupid iPad.  
Um, I mean you tool of productivity!

On another front — I celebrated yet another birthday a few days ago.  Am I a little wiser, healthier, stronger, happier?  Well its all relative I suppose.  I would venture to say yes — and be thankful as such.      But as the years tick by I’ve learned to never make any claims because whom am I to judge on the barometer of my progress in life.  Just doing my best to be kind to people, loyal to friends, and thankful for my healthy family.


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