When in Rome and Finding My Merchant of Venice

Hello.  It’s been – whoa, two years since my last post?  Apologies, apologies.  I know my Italian post is nearly two three years overdue.  And since then, I have traveled extensively to other parts of the world.  I will be adding my adventures very soon.  I promise.  Until then, here is my Italian post.
Three years behind – but better late then never, I suppose.

Two girls in Venice

One of the joys and thrills of traveling is to not only explore a new culture and way of living but certainly a way of eating.  When we (S – my partner in crime) both made our way to Italy – I have to admit, our expectations were a tad high.  Three things I blame for these higher expectations:  American TV, American cinema, and Woody Allen.  Mainly due to the glamorization of the country – nostalgic meet cute scenes which we as Americans are fed from Hollywood – and partly to…….well, it’s Italy.

Don’t get me wrong – what everyone says about Italy is true. It is beautiful. It is historic. It has a personality and even quaintness that is certainly what you would expect of what Italy should be. Cleanliness? Not so much.

Granted I’m making these judgments based upon my experiences while in Rome and from some of the less then stellar accommodations to which we stayed. Venice, albeit oversaturated with tourists – was beautiful. No words can truly describe this city. You will just have to check out my photos and hopefully one-day experience the beauty yourself.

All in all, my experience in one of the two most frequently visited cities in Italy was as you might have imagined: overwhelming, majestic, gobsmackingly (is that even a word?) historic, and oversaturated with tourists. If you can look beyond the overabundance of travelers/tourists taking pictures (I was certainly partly to blame of said act) and vendors trying to peddle every type of Italian tchotchke trinket known to man (all of which usually manufactured in China) – then you will absolutely experience the awe-inspiring beauty of these two cities.

One major tip I do encourage if you decide to venture to Italy – is to research your stay at an Airbnb. This is by far, the best tip I can give to you. It provides a home-like feel in the midst of a strange and unfamiliar city. And if you are lucky, you will find places with friendly people opening their homes and cities – happy to play a small part in your traveling experience. This is part of the experience – to inject yourself into the culture – even if only for a brief moment.

Ok, now let’s just take a moment to reflect on the beauty of Italian food shall we?
Morning coffee

Simple breakfast and coffee


Golden macarons!


Carbonara pasta

When in Rome

Rome car


Spanish Steps

Trevi Fountain

Vatican City

Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel


Inside the Colosseum

Being a tourist

The Merchant of Venice

Home in Venice


Venice canals


Piazza San Marco

Market boat

Daily Venice life

P.S.  For more pictures from my Italian travels – go to my Flickr page.

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