Salt and Pepper Squid

One of my main go-to Chinese food staples when ordering at a Chinese restaurant – is salt and pepper squid.  This delectable goodness combines three of my favorite textures: salty, spicy, and deliciously fried.  Before actually cooking this for myself at home – I would frequent (regularly) various Chinese restaurants within the Boston area.  Some would be way too salty, some way to greasy, and some the batter seemed completely unappetizing overall.  Every now and then – I would come across that magical balance of all three textures that would culminate into absolute heavenly goodness.  After trying (read: fatty) so many different variations throughout Boston and even in New York City and San Francisco – I came to the realization that I could actually replicate exactly how I wanted it.  Surprisingly enough, the recipe itself is extremely simple and easy. 

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Slow Your Pork Spring Roll

It’s that time of year folks:  a time to feast, rest, and spend time with loved ones.  This is how I typically end my year.  I slow down.  I reflect on another quick year gone by.  It seems like yesterday (literally) we were celebrating the coming of 2013.  And now that I’ve finally gotten the hang of dating 2013 – here comes 2014 to taunt me with starting all over again.  Actually, I’ve accidentally been signing my dates as 2015 – how odd is that?  Premature much?  True story.

Anyways, this time of year (if I’m home home for the holidays) – I take advantage of eating home cooked foods.  Some of it being native Thai food – some of it typical of good ol’ American cuisine.  We do not discriminate in this household.  No sir!  In fact, this year I’ve cooked a few items for my parents – middle eastern derived, Korean derived, healthy (and some not so healthy) derived, and my own specialties or as I like to call it Emily derived. 

Today’s post is a special one.  This particular food isn’t anything revolutionary or novel (scientist verbiage leaking through – sorry!) but its something I definitely look forward to on the #homefortheholidays food list (yes, I just hash tagged that).  So what does a household with a seasoned engineer, two scientists, and an accountant make this time of year?

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