When in Rome and Finding My Merchant of Venice

Hello.  It’s been – whoa, two years since my last post?  Apologies, apologies.  I know my Italian post is nearly two three years overdue.  And since then, I have traveled extensively to other parts of the world.  I will be adding my adventures very soon.  I promise.  Until then, here is my Italian post.
Three years behind – but better late then never, I suppose.

Two girls in Venice

One of the joys and thrills of traveling is to not only explore a new culture and way of living but certainly a way of eating.  When we (S – my partner in crime) both made our way to Italy – I have to admit, our expectations were a tad high.  Three things I blame for these higher expectations:  American TV, American cinema, and Woody Allen.  Mainly due to the glamorization of the country – nostalgic meet cute scenes which we as Americans are fed from Hollywood – and partly to…….well, it’s Italy.

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