When in Rome and Finding My Merchant of Venice

Hello.  It’s been – whoa, two years since my last post?  Apologies, apologies.  I know my Italian post is nearly two three years overdue.  And since then, I have traveled extensively to other parts of the world.  I will be adding my adventures very soon.  I promise.  Until then, here is my Italian post.
Three years behind – but better late then never, I suppose.

Two girls in Venice

One of the joys and thrills of traveling is to not only explore a new culture and way of living but certainly a way of eating.  When we (S – my partner in crime) both made our way to Italy – I have to admit, our expectations were a tad high.  Three things I blame for these higher expectations:  American TV, American cinema, and Woody Allen.  Mainly due to the glamorization of the country – nostalgic meet cute scenes which we as Americans are fed from Hollywood – and partly to…….well, it’s Italy.

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Nostalgia and the New Year

Well New Year’s Eve has come and gone and it got me thinking – what makes NYE so glamourous that we inherently try to find and be with the ones we love for that particular moment in time?  Think about it.  There is no other time in history that seems to be so special minus any form of religious connections or affiliations.  We try to create this idyllic moment where the ones we care about — surround us.  Embrace us.  Can’t wait to be with us.

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