I done gone and did it….

This year will be a year of change.  A year to get organized.  A year to read more.  And a year to maintain if not up my exercise regimin.  I would be remis if I did not admit to being a bit lax in those above statements since the 1st of the year.  BUT I promise to try to do better.  I am a creature of habit and laziness.  This I will admit.  And with that breeds so many regrets and wishful promises to myself.  Therefore, in order to become a highly functionally organized individual — I have purchased…….wait for it……..an iPad.

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Nostalgia and the New Year

Well New Year’s Eve has come and gone and it got me thinking – what makes NYE so glamourous that we inherently try to find and be with the ones we love for that particular moment in time?  Think about it.  There is no other time in history that seems to be so special minus any form of religious connections or affiliations.  We try to create this idyllic moment where the ones we care about — surround us.  Embrace us.  Can’t wait to be with us.

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Merhaba friends!

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind.  To simply say I enjoyed my travels to Turkey and Italy – would not encompass the magnitude and breadth of my experience.  In summary, I was mesmerized by both Rome and Venice’s abundant historical elements – mainly for its world-renowned sites.  But my heart – my heart went to Turkey indeed.  From its people, its food, and its vibrant energy.  I definitely found myself embracing Turkish culture and its magnificent history.  And when I made my way back to American soil overjoyed with happy thoughts for the comforts of home – a part of me felt empty and saddened for leaving this truly remarkable country.  With that  — this is my homage to Turkey.  Italy to come – so stay tuned.

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Yum yums – Beef Massaman curry

Its currently 4am and I’m up.  Shocking.  Lately, my sleep pattern has been a little dysfunctional — to say the very least.  But since I am up at this unsightly AND ungodly hour — I might as well be productive and try to *gasp* post another blog.  Two blogs in one week?! *shudder*  Even I have to admit that is a tad bit frightening.

Today’s post will be entirely dedicated to food and all things consuming there of — pun intended.  Well, at least as much as I can recollect and relive within the past week.  I’m trying to be a little better when it comes to my slightly A.D.D-esque attention span as it pertains to blogging and rehashing bits of my life throughout the week — its one of my many goals for this year.  Goals which I tried to set out for myself but have sadly dropped the ball several times since the onset of this year.  Whooopsie!!!

So the last two weeks I’ve been cooking like a mad woman.  Well actually the past few months but in the last two — its essentially been me and the kitchen every evening.  One — partly to clear out a myriad of frozen meats and seafood in my freezer.  And two — I’ve exhausted all things to eat within my area and have taking a liking to cooking at home on a daily basis.  The more I cook — the stronger and more creative I feel.  Now don’t get me wrong — I’ve always cooked for myself and even though I would never consider myself a chef or a guru in the kitchen department — I think I can hold my own when it comes to basic and even slightly complex dishes.  I respect my knives and all that jazz.

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A Yankee in Nashville’s Court

It’s an ungodly hour and for some idiotic reason, I’ve convinced myself to post a blog.  The Olympic closing ceremony in London is playing on repeat in the background and I’m listening to the Pet Shop Boys perform West End Girls.  Ah, that brings me back to when I nearly saw them while in south Florida.  As I recall — my reasoning for NOT seeing them was something involving massive amounts of coffee and a group study session for a criminal law midterm.  ARGH.  In retrospect, I probably should have seen the Pet Shop Boys.  No regrets right?  Well, a lot has changed since those long lost days of south Florida albeit the coffee habit seems to have accelerated into what some might consider an unhealthy level.  But what IS an unhealthy level when it comes to coffee – right?

Anyways, it has been a long time friends.  Herrroo.  I feel with every sparse blog post — I seem to preface with an apology.  Maybe I should rename my blog to “the apologetic chemist”?  Or perhaps I should resume blogging on a regular basis.  Yes, that’s the ticket!

In my last post — I ranted on about the perfunctory daily life of working.  I gave you my observations, conclusions, and a small look into the twisted world of how I view life as an employed scientist.  Don’t get me wrong — I love my job.  I’m challenged every day and humbled by what I discover.  It affords me a comfortable living which allows me to travel, go to shows, enjoy life, and post blogs such as these.  Update:  the message on the white board stayed up for over a month until its untimely demise – aka I erased it.  That’s right — I erased my own welcome message.

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Working hard for your money

Eating with your co-workers is one of THE most awkward endeavors you’ll ever encounter.  This is only second to having dinner on a first date with someone you find completely dreadful – which falls under the first.  Third would probably be masticating food with family members who try to play the 20 question game of “let me get in your business” time.

Why am I blogging about this you ask?  Just random observations.  I started a new job recently and with this new adventure brings uncomfortable situations of meeting slightly awkward people.  You fidget and stare intently down at your plate.  You try to think of interesting questions and conversation so as not to allow the dull silence to ring so strongly in your ear.  Its mind numbing but it happens.  Its a part of being social and for the most part — life experience.  Even the event of starting a new job/position within a new company or environment — is liken to the first day of school but for adults.  Its not anymore comfortable or less childish.  You still see the same slightly nerdy folks eating in the cafeteria looking severely uncomfortable as they quickly try to make the bold choice of whom they should sit next to.  Make the wrong decision and bam — you’re f–ked.

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A letter to my former self

I’ve been thinking alot about my life these days.  Hell, when do we ever NOT think about it I suppose.  But more specifically how I lived my life pre-30 and how I live my life now post-30.  So I thought it would be fun to write a letter directed to my younger pre-30 self on things I wished I knew THEN that I know now.  Perhaps one day I can give this letter to my (imaginary future) daughter and spare her the pain of what we think will occur during and post-30 time frame.

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I will….

This has got to be the sweetest song – EVER.

Who knows how long I’ve loved you
You know I love you still
Will I wait a lonely lifetime
If you want me to, I will.

For if I ever saw you
I didn’t catch your name
But it never really mattered
I will always feel the same.

Love you forever and forever
Love you with all my heart
Love you whenever we’re together
Love you when we’re apart.

And when at last I find you
Your song will fill the air
Sing it loud so I can hear you
Make it easy to be near you
For the things you do endear you to me
Oh, you know, I will
I will.

The Beatles  – I Will

Change is Good

Friends — its been quite some time since I last posted anything.  Sincere apologies.  To the credit of my blog — I’m pretty sure that ONE person who is out there that actually READS this — is doing quite fine without.  In any case, here I am….STILL.  There is much to be updated on and much to blog about.

More then half of the 2011 year has quickly swiped by and its certainly amazing at how much has happened and changed.  So here is a picture montage of the past few months: 1) Its a nice way to quickly visualize some past events and 2) I’m simply lazy .  So let’s begin….

This year started off with…
Seeing dear old friends in NYC.

Old and New Friends

Two old friends and The Beatles

  …and with it brought food and drink — obviously.

Ramen making

Smoked Salmon Scrambled Eggs with Apple Cider cocktail
And catching up with new friends from 2010 in Boston.

S and I

Embarking on a new job with all of its responsibilities and work friendships which have transitioned to priceless friendships.
And food ….yet again:  homemade Turkish breakfast.

Friends, Turkish breakfast, and Wii.

Turkish breakfast

Catching up with old high school friends at the circus.

EJ and I

J and EJ


Dabbling in the arts.
Practice painting in the works
Trips to Ogunquit, MaineMarginal Walk Way

Marginal Walk Way

Marginal Walk Way
In the end, this year has been a fruitful and productive one — filled with massive change and new introductions.  But one thing became clear — life is NEVER the same.  Change is good — isn’t it?  It brings us perspective and allows us to reflect as well as appreciate those happy memories while still look forward to the possibility of the future.

And this year was certainly the year of the baby.  Seven friends told me they were expecting.  Four of which have already given birth.  All but one lives far enough away that it would take a minimum plane ride to visit each of my honorary nieces/nephews.  Its scary really.  The idea that friends that I’ve known since the age of 12 (in some cases) are having babies.  Babies!  They no longer live the young carefree life.  Hell, they no longer live the single life.  But they are becoming mommys and daddys — and excellent ones at that.  Here’s to them growing up and me unleashing scandalous stories about their parents.  Wheee!

Today its your birthday….

So I’m back in good ol’ Beantown and the city welcomed me with open arms ala snowy weather.  I don’t necessarily know what it is about cold snowy weather but I feel this oppressive need to have a cup of coffee, watch mindless TV/movies, and take periodic naps throughout the day.  Unfortunately, we can’t all conduct ourselves in such a manner and I’ve chosen to ATTEMPT to be productive.  Please be mindful that I’ve yet to step away from the computer and actually DO anything.

And while attempting to resume back to normal life here in Boston — I’ve made several pilgrimages to Trader Joe’s desiring the basics:  milk, juice, eggs.  Easy right?  Well not so much when folks freak out with severe pandemonium that another snowstorm will cripple the city.  Its as if I’m reliving south Florida hurricane paranoia all over again — the insanely long lines at the supermarkets and gas stations.  Minimal to no amount of basic items and  bare shelves with only crappy foods left to purchase.  Snow (to me) doesn’t seem too malicious compared to brute force wind and rain ranging from 30-100+ mph.  Yea, long periods of fluffy white stuff — not so much.

And now that we’ve settled into winter 2011 and slowly approaching the end of the first month — have you been good on your resolutions and promises?  Like I said in my previous post — I’ve decided to simply be mindful of completing do-able tasks and appreciating every positive experience along the way.

Here is a glimpse of my morning.
Yes, its my birthday today!
Picture Details:
Owl coffee cup from Whittard of Chelsea
Electronics: Laptop (not really pictured) and Nookcolor
15% off gift card from Anthropologie
Complimentary shampoo/shower gel/bubble bath from Sephora
Various nail polishes
This birthday I have much to be thankful and grateful.  I’m grateful and appreciative of having such wonderful parents and brother — to whom I love dearly and owe so much for their support.  And my wonderful and thoughtful friends who’ve been through a tumultuous 2010 with me but have stood by and encouraged me all the way!  And finally, this birthday brought forth news with the start of a new job and hopefully a new beginning for a prosperous 2011!  I’m overjoyed beyond words and the angry little chemist in me is (temporarily) silenced with gratitude.  May all of you have a wonderful 2011!
Bday Baby