I’m on fire!

What?!  Two blog posts in one day?! I may burst into flames.  Figuratively and literally (via the Boston heat wave). 

Here are some videos that have recently captivated my attention — either leaving me with soiled pants (from laughter) or just sheer obsession.

I think I seem to gravitate to cute cartoons and animals.  But my main obsession is the juxtaposition of a cute cartoon with foul intentions or language — that (for some reason) makes me pretty content. 
Sort of like this.
I find relief in her existence.  ♥
Alright, left field blog entry done.

Oh say can you see?

So its been awhile.  I am still around — barely.  I’ve been busy making my plans for an upcoming move and trying to get all the necessary odds and ends in order.  Its tiring and exhausting to be a grown up.  I know I’ve said this before, and here comes another rant, but I sometimes wish I could have my own personal assistant to do my little bidding and run my 100 million errands.  Well that’s an exaggeration.  Ok, 90 million.  So I was curious to find out whether such a thing existed.  The idea that you could hire a personal assistant for the day, a week — hell even for a full month.  And look what I came up with.  The website is called TaskRabbit

Now I’m thoroughly annoyed that something I thought about years ago and never decided to implement — is actually a bona fide service online.  Oh well, glad someone had the good sense to think about such a service/website.  Even though its broken down to tasks and not the actual assistance of everyday life.  Sigh.
On a much more happier note.  How was your July 4th weekend?  I’ve spent the last three Independence days in Boston and I have to say — nobody seems to do it quite like Boston.  Its a feeling of history that just doesn’t seem to translate well in other places.  Don’t get me wrong — my recollection of NYC fireworks off the Hudson were the best childhood memories.  But there’s something to be said about doing a proper Bostonian 4th of July. 
This year I had two dear friends come visit me and the weekend was filled with a trip down to Cape Cod (West Barnstable to be exact).  We stayed in a 200 year old home, explored wonderful Hyannis, wandered around the town of Osterville and Sandwich.  Then returned to Boston to experience the quintessential American pastime — baseball (Red Sox and Baltimore Orioles).  The night ended with a wonderful fireworks display viewed on the Esplanade. Ah, quite enjoyable.  Indeed.

P.S.  If you are at the beach and suddenly have to go to the bathroom but there are no restrooms in site.  What do you do?  Answer — you pee in the ocean and run like hell before the pee comes right back with the tide.  Just all hypothetical of course.

Top O’ the Mornin’ To Ya!

Why is it socially awkward when someone calls early in the morning and hears your “morning voice”?  You know what I’m talking about — that slightly slurred, scratchy voice that sounds as if you were nursing a bad cold.  
Here is the general situation: you are partially groggy from the night before, partially wondering why someone would have the gall to call you at an ungodly early morning time, and partially aggravated at having to answer the phone.  Funny thing though — when asked, “are you sick?”  You answer “yes” instead of revealing the true reason for the frog in your throat — and that’s just laziness.  That’s right, you’d rather claim sickness then laziness.  You’d rather let your friends, family, and colleagues know that you have some sort of contagious virus rather than the one ailment everyone is susceptible to — being a bum.  
And why is that?  Why can’t we just own up to being a lazy society that would rather sleep in?  Why is it embarrassing?  Why can’t I just pick up the phone with confidence (and a slight twinge of hoarseness) and say, “why yes – yes, I’m hoarse.  I’m hoarse because I just woke up and I know its nearly noon”?  Why can’t I continue talking on the phone while I’m cooking, or eating, or using the bathroom?  Its not like you can see me?  Well at least not in the past — damn you IPhone 4 and Face Time! 

See what I mean?  Chris Pirillo tests IPhone 4 & FaceTime

I’m not going to lie.  I’ve had many a important conversations while (and close your eyes if bathroom talk bothers you) sitting on the toilet.  And usually my friends will say with slight hesitation, “is that water running?”  And my responses has always been, “what does it sound like to you?”  Their response, “sounds like you have the sink running water”.  My response, “why yes — yes, I suppose its the sink”.  Then silence.  They know the truth.  No need to verbalize the reality of it all — it can only cause suffering.

IPhone 4 is the Grown Up Cabbage Patch doll

If you haven’t heard about the new IPhone 4 — then you truly have been living under a rock.  Most likely a rock sitting in the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico piled under mounds of oil (courtesy of BP’s oil spill). 
This week Apple’s latest toy was released to the public and thousands flocked to their local stores to collect their beloved new IPhone.  With its updated look and new features — the IPhone 4 is said to be THE phone to have.  If you don’t have it — you might as well call it quits and die right now (apparently).  I currently have the IPhone 3GS and still love it to no end.   And I will keep loving it until Apple releases their NEXT generation of IPhone.  IPhone 5?  
This latest craze for the IPhone 4 has made me revert to a distant memory of what I like to call the “Cabbage Patch Craze”.  Much like the IPhone craze now, back in the mid 80s a specific doll known as Cabbage Patch Kids was released and immediately a hit with children.  You as a child had to have it.  Let me repeat — HAD TO HAVE IT!.  And so, chaos ensued and due to a suspiciously low (albeit explained as unanticipated demand) supply of said dolls — lines formed throughout the nation.  Lines that rivaled much like present day IPhone 4.  But honestly my quaint memories of that time period seem worse — much much worse.  I remember my dad hitting every possible toy store within the local NYC/NJ radius.  Nobody had it and would laugh in your face if you even THOUGHT they had it. 
Here is a recollection of my account:
Word would spread that a store would receive shipment — hundreds would flock to reserve ONE doll (per child).  My dad went to reserve two dolls (yes, my brother wanted one too).  Three weeks would drift by and a phone call would be received about a shipment.  At the local toy store,  I peered out the car window as an unlabeled truck pulled up.  The truck door rolled up and a man stepped out saying, “if you’ve reserved a doll, please have your payment slips out.”  Parents were aggressive and pushy.  And my dad disappeared into the sea of parents and dolls being thrown like footballs to hands with slips.  Not the safest thing to do when dolls were limited in supply. 
If all of this sounds familiar? Well check this video out.

To me it seems hilarious that a phone would bring about such chaos as well and drive individuals to actually camp for days.  I mean — its just a phone!  But then again, the Cabbage Patch doll was just a doll.  An odd looking doll that smelt of vanilla and had “Xavier Roberts” stamped on its buttocks.  Why it had that — to this day I wake up in a cold sweat wondering.   Honestly, even just seeing the logo — brings a twinge of joy.  And its been years (at least I think) since I last embraced one of those things.  

The IPhone craze is for those Cabbage Patch crazed kids who grew up.
Ok, now you can laugh.

Songs I Love Too Much to Hate

I’ve always said music is an extremely powerful thing.  Able to evoke happy and sad emotions in a 4 minute interval.  We are able to rekindle moments in time and memories that for some reason or other are associated with a particular song.  Its funny how that works – don’t you think?  For one song – a particular person may conjure joyful memories from their childhood filled with pleasant days at a park laughing and being silly while another person can awaken tearful moments in time.  Its pretty amazing. 
Since I can remember I’ve always had this insatiable love affair with music and the power it holds.  I’ve always appreciated the instrumental component as well as the lyrical ballads artists seem to inspire.  Music has always been there for me much like a kind, soulful friend with a soothing quality.  One of my earliest memories with loving music was as vivid as my memory of yesterday afternoon.  I was sitting in the backseat of our old Buick Regal with my brother (who was strapped in a car seat – ha!) and a family friend of my parents.  Suddenly, this enchanting song came on, “Michelle…my belle.  These are words that go together well.  My Michelle”.  I turned to the family friend and said, “who sings this?”  She turned to me and said, “you don’t know who this is?  Its the Beatles!”  Now honestly, I’m pretty sure I listened to music way before that juncture but for some bizarre reason — that particular moment stuck in my head.  It was a fond memory of discovering an artist/band that would eventually be a component in my future love for music.  To this day, when I hear The Beatles’s “Michelle” — I think of that instance in time.  Driving in Manhattan along Riverside Drive (yes, I actually visually remember the drive).

That night was also the first night I discovered my parents vinyl collection.  Oh, I wish they would of kept all of them for me.  C’est la vie.  I think the only original vinyl that I actually have in my possession is (ironically) Michael Jackson’s Thriller album.  So in keeping with the theme of fond recollections and MJ’s anniversary, this song will always be quite dear to my heart.  Images of me and my brother dancing (some fancy moon-walking to be had) around in our Queens apartment to this song will always be a happy memory.

And finally, here is a song that I can’t seem to extract from my brain – its on mental repeat.  Good song (back in the day) but….really…really?!  For whatever its worth, I can’t say that I didn’t love this music back in the day.  Don’t knock the cheesiness of Air Supply – just don’t.  I have to say, though, I’m digging their excellent hairdos in this video.  You know they thought they were the shit in 1980.  Gotta love that.
I hope these songs somehow conjure some memories for you too!
Enjoy! ♥

A joyful update…

Here is a list of things that are rotting my brain currently:
My lease will end in a few months and I need to vacate.
I keep searching for apartments but everything sucks.
My job situation is stressing me out (I won’t divulge).
I’ve recently unleashed an addiction for IPhone app games (help me!).
As a result of IPhone games, my hand has formed a claw like position.
My fingers are hurting from the numbness.
My eyesight is strained from viewing the IPhone (damn you Steve Jobs!).
I have to double check my calendar every morning to clarify the date.
I’ve become MORE bitter (if that’s even possible), 
but in that bitterness have realized who I can count on.
I’ve neglected my plants in the past 3 days.
Painting is inspiring but also annoying me.
I loathe packing and having to move.
I wish I had my family close by.
I’ve started to gain weight (again).
I shop online to take the edge off.
I put things into my online shopping cart,
but leave before any financial damage has been done.
Oh, and my pink dahlia’s buds are unwilling to bloom.

Off to a fresh start

Ever since I posted a blog about my intentions for a detoxifying diet — I’ve only followed maybe 20% of it.  Who am I kidding – 10% at best.  That being said, the bulk of my diet this week has started off with what I would call a decent attempt at getting back on track.  This was my breakfast this morning: Peet’s House Blend coffee with unsweetened almond milk, Trader Joe’s Berry and Yogurt cereal with unsweetened almond milk, and fresh strawberries.

And even though this diet wouldn’t technically be categorized under something detoxifying – I’ve decided baby steps.  This summer (which technically begins June 21) has already started off with a burst of delicious crop of fruits.  I’ve gorged on sweet strawberries, blueberries, champagne mangoes, persimmons, and of course my go-to fruit clementines.
On the topic of attaining a lavender plant, I actually have two small varieties of English lavender  I’ve also braved an attempt at watching over a new pink dahlia plant.  In the past, my track record has thus been rather awful in terms of a green thumb.  I’ve killed a money tree, bamboo plant, and a desert rose (of which only required little watering and care).  But I’m trying to make new strides this year.  Updates on the health and well-being of these plants will be posted.  Hopefully.
P.S.  Yes, that mug has sumo wrestlers on it.  ♥

Team COCO!

Its no surprise that most people know my love for the hilarious Conan O’Brien.  So when news quickly spread through the Twitter-sphere that COCO was doing a 32 city tour — I knew I had to see him.  At the time, it was fairly unclear to what lay in store for the ousted NBC Tonight Show host.  Since then, he’s rebounded and established a new relationship with TBS and will be starting a new show in November.  Yippie!  This entire ordeal has brought out loyal Conan fans from his Late Night hay days and a resurgence for his offbeat humor has surprisingly developed a cult-like following.  

Last night in Boston was the second night on his 32 city tour playing at the Wang Theater.  The crowds were energized and mentally prepared for any and all bizarre acts to which O’Brien would unleash.

Once through the doors, crowds were greeted with the following sign:
This set the tone for the entire evening…

The next two hours went buy in a hilarious stomach numbing blur — opening with Reggie Watts, continuing with his sidekick Andy Richter + various videos , and finally ending with the Dropkick Murphys doing an impromptu concert.  He did not disappoint.  Here are some photos from that evening.
One last thing.  At the beginning of the show, Conan gave a musical shoutout to Brookline (my current town).  Wheee!  Here is a video of someone who taped the song last night.  Enjoy!

Shoot Me Now

The job hunting and interview process is THE most uncomfortable, unnatural, unavoidable parts of being a grown-up.  You go to school to get that illustrious papered degree — and believe me, that’s all it is, just a paper — to look for that fabulous job, to make the mind-blowing money.  But in that process, you somehow manage to prostitute yourself out (that’s how I describe it) and (at the same time) manage to advertise yourself as some god of said specific career.  Its ludicrous!  I’ve gone through many job interviews in my life  to decipher when you know it went well and when you know you should keep on checking the job search boards.  
These days finding a job is like dating online.  You create this glorious resume (or profile), you post the resume (or profile), and you begin the arduous task of searching for the perfect/somewhat perfect job (or mate).  Its mind numbing and at times you quite nearly lose your mind through the process.  You search and meet various potential leads/positions (dates) and some you hit it off instantly at the interview (or date) while some not so instantly.  You begin to doubt yourself during the process — removing certain qualities which initially were important and critical in your job search (mate) but then eventually deciding to take what you can get.  Or as I like to call it — settling.  Dissatisfying indeed.  So once you’ve reached that “settling” state — it’s just a matter of time when you have to decide which mediocre position (mate) you should move forward or choose. 
In the end, once you’ve chosen your conventional position (partner) — you become complacent in your environment and while stable, it just becomes boring.  For the lucky few that actually find a position that suits them with all the challenges and daily possibilities of a dream job — hold onto that thing like your life depends upon it.  For the rest of us — the above is what we aspire or look forward to.  

All that educational work to have the quaint opportunity of adding it to your resume background just to have some unknown individual quickly breeze through and say, “hmmm ok they have a degree”.  Gee thanks!

Why don’t you just shoot me right now and get it over with…..

The SoWa Open Market

This weekend was the opening of Boston’s SoWA Open Market in the South End.  SoWa is Boston’s version of London’s Portobello Market.  Every year this event features local artists and vendors displaying various works under a sea of white tents.  The market is open every Sunday and is a welcoming sign that summer is just around the corner to many Bostonians.  Mild temperatures and glorious sunshine made for a pleasant wandering experience.  Creativity and inspiration was definitely in the air as I perused various artists’ studios.  

♥ SoWA Open Market ♥
♥ SoWA Vintage Market & Shops ♥