Change is Good

Friends — its been quite some time since I last posted anything.  Sincere apologies.  To the credit of my blog — I’m pretty sure that ONE person who is out there that actually READS this — is doing quite fine without.  In any case, here I am….STILL.  There is much to be updated on and much to blog about.

More then half of the 2011 year has quickly swiped by and its certainly amazing at how much has happened and changed.  So here is a picture montage of the past few months: 1) Its a nice way to quickly visualize some past events and 2) I’m simply lazy .  So let’s begin….

This year started off with…
Seeing dear old friends in NYC.

Old and New Friends

Two old friends and The Beatles

  …and with it brought food and drink — obviously.

Ramen making

Smoked Salmon Scrambled Eggs with Apple Cider cocktail
And catching up with new friends from 2010 in Boston.

S and I

Embarking on a new job with all of its responsibilities and work friendships which have transitioned to priceless friendships.
And food ….yet again:  homemade Turkish breakfast.

Friends, Turkish breakfast, and Wii.

Turkish breakfast

Catching up with old high school friends at the circus.

EJ and I

J and EJ


Dabbling in the arts.
Practice painting in the works
Trips to Ogunquit, MaineMarginal Walk Way

Marginal Walk Way

Marginal Walk Way
In the end, this year has been a fruitful and productive one — filled with massive change and new introductions.  But one thing became clear — life is NEVER the same.  Change is good — isn’t it?  It brings us perspective and allows us to reflect as well as appreciate those happy memories while still look forward to the possibility of the future.

And this year was certainly the year of the baby.  Seven friends told me they were expecting.  Four of which have already given birth.  All but one lives far enough away that it would take a minimum plane ride to visit each of my honorary nieces/nephews.  Its scary really.  The idea that friends that I’ve known since the age of 12 (in some cases) are having babies.  Babies!  They no longer live the young carefree life.  Hell, they no longer live the single life.  But they are becoming mommys and daddys — and excellent ones at that.  Here’s to them growing up and me unleashing scandalous stories about their parents.  Wheee!


  1. Aline
    07. Dec. 11

    I am in the same baby boat, that is for sure. congrats on your great year!

  2. emily
    07. Dec. 11

    Thanks Aline! Hope your year is going well! 🙂


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